New Beginnings

With each new day that we are presented with, we are also presented with opportunities or new beginnings.  Some of you may have already been familiar with our Facebook page which we started in April of 2015. With this new website,, we are discovering a chance for a new beginning.

I don’t mean new beginning as in we will be starting from scratch, but rather that the Transgender Visibility & Education Network (TVEN) is taking this wonderful opportunity for a new beginning to expand and evolve beyond what we were capable of with our Facebook page. We will never stop providing ready access to useful links and resources about all things transgender. That is our bread and butter, if you will.

Instead, we will be expanding on that offering by organizing this website into three main categories of information dissemination:

Transgender Individuals

In this section of the website we will be offering resources and links applicable to as many subcategories under the transgender umbrella as we can possibly find information for. This will be our most in-depth section as each and every gender identity will be covered to the best of our ability. For example (among many others):


Resources and links about feminizing hormones (and their effects), hair removal, breast augmentation, gender affirmation surgery, using the women’s restroom, fashion, and others.


Resources and links about masculinizing hormones (and their effects), beard growth, breast reduction/removal, hysterectomies and gender affirmation surgeries, using the men’s restroom,  toxic masculinity, and others.

Gender Non-Conforming (GNC)

Resources and links about moving comfortably between gender roles, navigating a closet that should never have to choose between genders, discovering your own unique gender identity, and others.

Family, Friends, and Allies

In this section we will be offering resources and links applicable to all of those people in our lives who love and support us and/or those who want to know more about us and how they can support us better. We love having our family, friends, and allies supporting us and think they should have every opportunity to find success in learning how to support us.

Legal, Medical, and Business Professionals & Organizations

In this section we will be offering resources and links applicable to the professional world. These links will reference laws, legal actions, medical diagnostics (DSM V and beyond), medical procedures, bathroom regulations, employee/employer responsibilities, and many others.

Additionally, we will be maintaining this blog which we be our offering of different perspectives on the transgender experience. If it was just me writing all of the blogs, it would get really boring for you and you would only be able to see one tiny piece of the multi-million piece puzzle. We will be asking our staff, and as many guest writers as we can find to write blog articles for us on a periodic basis so that we can offer a much broader perspective of the transgender experience, thus giving more of those pieces to our beautiful puzzle. We also highly encourage comments, questions, and discussions within these blog posts which we will eagerly be responding to.

Finally, we will also be offering a monthly subscription-based newsletter from me, Sarah, titled TVEN – From the Founder. In this monthly newsletter I will be sharing information regarding updates from TVEN, a look at some of the world-wide issues that transgender individuals are facing on a daily basis, as well as some words of inspiration and motivation just for you. Every once in a while we will also be offering special contests, surveys, polls, and prizes just for our newsletter subscribers. Sign up Now!!

We here at the Transgender Visibility & Education Network (TVEN) welcome you to our new website and we look forward to building a long and happy relationship with you.


Sarah Jordyn Fordyce
Transgender Visibility & Education Network


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