TVEN Writers Wanted


What do all of these people have in common: writers, poets, journalists, scientists, motivational speakers, comedians, actors(resses), and You??


They ALL have a story to tell.

A photo by Aidan Meyer. person throughout history has had that moment, or possibly even several moments, in their life that could serve as the promising inspiration for some kind of writing. Some moments make for good novels or poetry while others get published in newspapers or scientific journals. Some get told on stage or the silver screen and others get told on the global stage of the Internet.

Each of us has a story to tell, but sometimes knowing how to tell it or where to tell it can become the one obstacle that keeps us from actually writing that story.

The Transgender Visibility & Education Network would like to give you a place to tell that story in whatever fashion you choose to tell it. We are currently looking for individuals just like you who would like to write for us and share your personal perspective on the world.

stocksnap_7zpsylvqncWe would like to feature your non-fiction or fiction short stories and poetry. We would love to share anything, in any style of writing (blog article, editorial, short story, poetry, science, personal essays, etc.) that you would like to offer in regards to your personal transgender perspective and experience. Writers can be either transgender or ally, or anyone who works favorably with transgender individuals.

The Transgender Visibility & Education Network is dedicated to offering visibility to transgender individuals and helping us all to break out of the shadows that we were once forced into.

If you would like to write for TVEN or would like additional information, please email us at, or you can utilize our Contact page.

Rules for Writers:

  • Keep it clean. This page is viewable by all ages.
  • Please include applicable Trigger Warnings as needed.
  • We only accept materials written by you.
  • If the writing was previously published elsewhere, please include that information so that we can attribute it properly.
  • Don’t be afraid to let your heart shine.
  • Editing is available upon request.
  • Author name can be withheld for the sake of anonymity upon request.



Sarah Fordyce
Transgender Visibility &
Education Network


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